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Don’t expect feds to move on marijuana soon, panelists say

by Colton Lochhead Las Vegas Review-Journal, posted 17 11 2017

More and more states have dipped their toes into legal marijuana, but don’t expect lawmakers in Washington D.C. to make progress on the issue anytime soon. That has people in the marijuana industry and its supporters feel more...

New documentary Drugsland to delve deep into world of illegal drugs in Bristol

by Krishan Davis Bristol Post, posted 12 11 2017

A hard-hitting documentary filmed over 18 months in Bristol will delve deep into dark world of illegal drugs and their effects on the city. The four-part documentary Drugsland will be available to stream on BBC Three online from...

Holy Dope: No, you are not hallucinating, that really is a NUN with a joint.

by BEN ELLERY FOR THE MAIL ON SUNDAY, posted 12 11 2017

And she not only smokes cannabis, she sells it - legally - to ease pain and suffering Nuns in Merced, California spend their days tending and smoking marijuana The Sisters make oils and soaps from the drug they...

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