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Mary Brett published in The Times

by admin, posted 03 11 2014

On November 1st 2014, Hugo Rifkind published an article in The Times in favour of the legalisation of cannabis.

Sir, I doubt Hugo Rifkind’s article (“Ssh….lots of top people believe in drug reform”, Nov 1) is aware of the true dangers of cannabis.

Eighty per cent of the cannabis smoked today in the UK is skunk with an average THC (the psychoactive ingredient) content of 16.2%. THC persists in the cells of the brain for weeks. 

This affects the chemical messaging system. Vital connections are not made in the learning and memory processes Few children using cannabis achieve their full potential.

They are more likely to suffer from mental illness, move on to other drugs or become addicted. US rehab experts have told us that teenage cannabis dependence is the most challenging addiction to treat.

Mary Brett, Chairwoman Cannabis Skunk Sense, Amersham, Bucks.

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