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A quote from Bertha Madras on Cannabis which is worth revisiting

by Bertha Madras, posted 13 02 2020

Why do nations schedule drugs?...... Nations schedule psychoactive drugs because we revere this three pound organ (of our brain) differently than any other part of our body.  It is the repository of our humanity.  It is the place that enables us to write poetry and to do theater, to conjure up calculus and send rockets to Pluto three billion miles away, and to create I Phones and 3 D computer printing.  And that is the magnificence of the human brain.  Drugs can influence (the brain) adversely.  So this is not a war on drugs.  This is a defense of our brains, the ultimate source of our humanity.

                                                                                                                                       Dr. Bertha Madras   April 14, 2016

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