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California Needs to Decide:  WATER or WEED?

by Americans Against Legalizing Marijuana, posted 09 08 2021

While California suffers from one of its worst droughts in history weed farmers are stealing water, running wells and aquifers dry and diverting streams and water supplies to keep their illicit businesses and pot plants alive.

Tens of thousands of marijuana grows divert streams, create reservoirs polluted with concentrated fertilizer killing the stream and the animals downstream. 

There are an estimated 40 - 50,000 illegal grow sites in California sucking up precious water. Each plant requires between 6 and 8 gallons of water per day. Illegal grows in just 3 southern California counties require an astounding 5.4 million gallons of water a day, every day. "Legalization" has only made the black market growing and selling bigger as pot advertising, use, and demand have grown. In addition, California produces about 10Xs more pot than is consumed within the state. The excess is shipped illegally across state lines to the east where prices are higher. As other states have "legalized" the demand for California's illegal pot has also increased. 

Local law enforcement agencies, such as sheriffs, from all parts of the state tell us they are completely overwhelmed with marijuana related criminal activities. This pot lawlessness is particularly noticeable in the rural regions of the state where populations are smaller, the land more open and law enforcement agencies have less manpower. 

California is the perfect example of what other states should not do. "Legalizing" marijuana has helped no one but the wealthy marijuana drug dealers and smugglers and the harms of "legalization" continue to stack up. Much of these harms should be laid at the feet of Gavin Newsom who was the head cheerleader 


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