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SAM’S Will Jones Debates Dr. Carl Hart

by SAM, posted 21 05 2021

SAM'S Will Jones Debates Dr. Carl Hart

In a segment with the Emmy Award-Winning television show "The Doctors," SAM's own Communications and Community Outreach Associate Will Jones confronted Dr. Hart on his preposterous thesis that because he is supposedly able to "responsibly" use marijuana, heroin, methamphetamine, and other designer drugs, they should be legalized.

In a poignant clip, Will calls out Dr. Hart for failing to see how his privileged position does not match up with the reality of most drug users in the United States:

"Not everyone is a tenured professor with discipline instilled in you from a history of military service. As a drug user, that is a very unique and privileged position. So, when we talk about this normalization of drug use, that is going to hurt the most vulnerable communities that we have in our country."

Click here and here to see Will debating Dr. Hart.



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