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The Boston Globe reported that six patients in the state suffering from the vaping illness .....

by SAM, posted 07 12 2019

Dear Friend, 

As you know, information regarding the source of the vaping products causing the current pot vaping crisis have been hard to come by. 

On Wednesday, Massachusetts public health officials reported eight more cases of illness in the state but were refusing to say how many were linked to the use of so-called regulated products.

We issued a Public Records request and a Freedom of Information Act request to try and force state officials to shine a light on data that was being hidden from the public. 

As a result, this morning The Boston Globe reported that six patients in the state suffering from the vaping illness were using products from the state’s “legal” market. 

State and federal agencies have been tight-lipped concerning these crucial pieces of data which has allowed the marijuana industry to run interference by saying the issue lies solely on the underground market.

We are now working to repeat this success nationwide to bust the marijuana industry’s talking point that this crisis is solely an underground market issue. 

In addition to working to FOIA information from health agencies, we are also calling on state and federal governments to ban the sale of all marijuana vaping products and take swift action against licensed suppliers who are found to be offloading product to the underground market. 

Today’s efforts are made possible by supporters like you. Your continued support of SAM keeps us on the front lines of this battle for public health and safety.

Thank you for all that you do. Together, we can save lives. 

Dr. Kevin Sabet

President and Founder,

Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM)

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