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ASAM Strategic Plan 2018 – 2021

posted 02/02/2018


ASAM is the leading organization developing and defining the field of addiction medicine, and is the convener of the many voices and perspectives shaping the future of addiction prevention, treatment, remission, and recovery.


ASAM creates robust opportunities and diverse settings for member connections to peers and partners.

  • Facilitate connections between appropriate subject matter experts and members of the public, legislators, policy makers, and other stakeholders.
  • Expand reach of ASAM’s influence and intensity of connections between/among members.
  • Launch new and expanded member support for physicians-in-training.
  • Invest in an intentional partnership and relationship strategy.

ASAM defines and promotes evidence-based best practices in addiction prevention, treatment, remission and recovery.

  • Develop and promote guidelines.
  • Invest in planning for the roll out of new organizational focus on integrating evidence based. prevention into many aspects of our work.
  • Develop tools and resources to implement clinical recommendations into practice.
  • Develop quality criteria for care and both short and long-term metrics to assess outcomes.
  • Develop and promote best practices for integrating evidence based addiction medicine into clinical, criminal justice and community settings.

ASAM leads the transformation of the addiction workforce through competency-based education for all healthcare providers.

  • Expand portfolio of competency-based educational offerings to meet the needs of the addiction medicine specialists.
  • Create and promote access to career development resources which can offer multiple entry points into addiction medicine, including mid-career entry points.
  • Expand and implement ASAM medical education content on addiction for healthcare professionals at all levels to support rapid expansion of a well-trained workforce.

ASAM develops opportunities to integrate perspectives of people with addiction and their families into policy, education, and advocacy work in addiction prevention, treatment, remission and recovery resources.

  • ASAM will explore opportunities for incorporating the voices of people with addiction, their families and communities into ASAM’s strategy.

ASAM advocates that research, patient voices and clinical practice be highly interactional and mutually influential: research findings will influence clinical practice, and clinical experience will influence the research agenda.

  • Identify mechanisms to support ASAM members in participating in research programs.
  • Strengthen academic partnerships for the benefit of ASAM member research.
  • Develop opportunities to engage discussion on current clinical and basic science research.
  • Advocate for research into effective prevention programs.
  • Advocate for research into pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments for addiction.

ASAM identifies and advocates for policies and practices that ensure equitable access to comprehensive high-quality addiction prevention, treatment, remission and recovery for all.

Continue advocacy for parity, parity enforcement, reimbursement and growth of the addiction specialty workforce.
Ensure fair compensation and coverage for delivery of addiction prevention, treatment, and recovery care and services.
Continue to advocate for access to quality evidence based addiction prevention, treatment, remission and recovery for all people.

ASAM maximizes organizational effectiveness.

  • Ensure the financial health of the organization.
  • Optimize governance structure and function.
  • Protect our brand reputation.

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