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How Britain became the world’s largest expert in medical marijuana

by Robert Jackman Spectator, posted 12 01 2019

In the investment houses of Mayfair, bullish analysts are excited about the prospect of a ‘green rush’ If you were looking for an international drugs empire, Downham Market would not be the first place you’d think of. With...

Despite Conflicting Evidence, A New Report Finds Legal Marijuana Does Not Impact Alcohol Sales

by Contributor Tara Nurin Forbes, posted 10 01 2019

Weighing in on an issue that weighs heavily on alcoholic beverage suppliers, the Distilled Spirits Council released new research that shows the sale of legalized marijuana does not impact alcohol purchases, at least in the three states that...

Worrisome statistics around medical cannabis users operating vehicles

by Science Daily, posted 09 01 2019

More public education and guidelines are needed to increase marijuana users' understanding of cannabis-related driving impairment Source: Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan Summary: More than half of people who take medical cannabis for chronic pain say they've...

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