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Cannabis ‘medicine’ should be tested like prescription drugs

by JAWAD IQBAL for The Times, posted 30 10 2019

If you think you know all you need to know about the medical benefits of cannabis, now is a good time to think again. New research on the use of cannabis medicines to treat people with depression, anxiety...

How Marijuana Use Can Increase Your Risk for an Alcohol Overdose

by Nancy Schimelpfening for Healthline, posted 29 10 2019

When used in combination with alcohol, several drugs have the power to increase alcohol intake beyond what a person would normally consume. Getty Images A new study found that when people use alcohol and drugs together, their risk...


by Bay Area Bicycle Law, for Stop Pot, posted 29 10 2019

Marijuana has been legal in California for recreational use since late 2016, and this is bad news for cyclists. According to a Forbes article, drugs have now outpaced alcohol as a primary factor in DUI fatalities. In 2016, 44...

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