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Elon Musk reacts to drug use claims as SpaceX management expresses concerns: ‘Not even…’

by Vaishnawi Sinha Hindustan Times, posted 08 01 2024

Billionaire Elon Musk received backlash after top executives from his companies, Tesla and SpaceX, expressed concern over his drug use, reported The Wall Street Journal. Musk has denied these claims, saying that  “not even trace quantities” of drugs were found in his...

Destigmatizing Drug Use Has Been a Profound Mistake

by The Atlantic, posted 12 12 2023

Blue America needs to send a stronger, more consistent message that hard drugs should be shunned. By Keith Humphreys and Jonathan Caulkins The image on the billboard that appeared in downtown San Francisco in early 2020 would have been familiar to anyone...

Cannabis poisoning cases quadruple in children after legalization

by Corryn Wetzel New Scientist, posted 27 07 2023

The risk of cannabis poisoning in children increased fourfold after the drug was legalised for medical or recreational use in different locations, primarily due to edibles. Cases of cannabis poisoning have increased following the legalisation of the drug, an analysis...

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