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Pot is dangerous, not funny—a doctor tells us why

by Dr. David B. Samadi | Fox News , posted 08 01 2018 legalization of marijuana became a hot topic in the past week. First, recreational use of the drug became legal in California at the start of 2018. Next, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced he would allow U.S. attorneys...

Peter Hitchens blog:  Sorry, Gigi, there is NOTHING cool about cannabis:

by Peter Hitchens Mail on Sunday, posted 07 01 2018

Nearly everyone has now caught up with the facts I established in my 2012 book The War We Never Fought, which was met with a mixture of rage, derision and snooty silence. There is no ‘war on drugs’...

Weighing costs of drug abuse prevention vs. treatment

by Jordyn Grzelewski, posted 06 01 2018

YOUNGSTOWN At recent local forums on the opioid epidemic, members of the public submitted questions they wanted the local media to answer in its reporting. One question was: What are the costs of addiction vs. the costs of...

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