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The Legalisers are on the march again.  For the sake of our children, we must fight back now. 

CanSS Ltd (Cannabis Skunk Sense) is a completely independent charity committed to providing excellent quality drug education. Our mission is to prevent drug use among young people by educating them about the dangers of drugs.

This means that donations large and small from individuals like you are essential to fund the work that we do as well as demonstrating popular support to the wider world. Any amount is very much appreciated. 

You can donate to Cannabis Skunk Sense using the orange Paypal button below. We are non-profit making so funds raised go directly to supporting our work. 

If you would prefer to donate by cheque, cheques made payable to CanSS Ltd and sent to the address on our contact page.

We are also very grateful to those supporters who donate with regular monthly standing orders, whether large or small.  If you are a UK tax payer, we are also able to claim Gift Aid.

 Registered Charity Number 1125329    CanSS Ltd,  77 Newton Road, Lindfield Haywards Heath.  RH16 2NB


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Drugs: It’s just not worth it

Drugs: It’s just not worth it

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