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“Oh, It’s Only Marijuana”

by Article taken from "Moms Strong", posted 31 07 2016

When Colorado’s Amendment 64 passed, my son, Johnny, celebrated with his friends. They wrote 4/20 all over their bodies and clothes.  He was only 12 then, and now he’s 16.  I was familiar with the problems with smoking...

Letter from Sarah Graham

by Sarah Graham - Sarah Graham Solutions, posted 08 03 2016

I did a talk Downtown in LA at a homeless hostel last week- hundreds of homeless on streets, like a Dickensian hell hole.   No-one knows what percentage of these people are there because of cannabis induced psychosis....

Marijuana Pesticide Flap Draws Product Liability Suit in Colorado

by Kristen Wyatt, Associated Press, posted 07 10 2015

Two marijuana users in Colorado filed a lawsuit Monday against a pot business they said used an unhealthy pesticide to grow their weed – a case that lawyers say is the first product liability claim in the nation...

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