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Many of our volunteers are from families who have been affected by the problems associated with taking cannabis, but there are also others who are keen to help and join an organization aimed almost uniquely at prevention. There are many ways you can help whether it is through donations or time or resources.

  • Would you like to help families whose lives have been affected by cannabis use? 
  • Can you offer your expertise?
  • Do you have skills and some time available that could help us?
  • You could act as an advisor to the charity or even become a Trustee. 

We need help from people who have skills that could be of use to us, you do not need previous charity experience. Contact us for more details.

Some of our volunteers give talks in schools and higher education establishments. We can provide education packs to help you with this.

Put Up Posters

Create greater awareness by distributing posters to schools, doctors’ surgeries, hospitals, libraries, dentists’ waiting rooms and counseling services such as Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous and Families Anonymous. Also at events where young people might come into contact with cannabis.

get involved

If you are interested in what we do and would like to support our work, find out more ways to get involved.


don't want drugs?

Some ideas for excuses for not accepting or buying drugs:

  • I’m on medication (antibiotics, cough mixture etc), have bronchitis, asthma...
  • I’m in a football match tomorrow and don’t want to mess it up

more ideas for tricky situations