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Letter from Sarah Graham

by Sarah Graham - Sarah Graham Solutions, posted 08 03 2016

I did a talk Downtown in LA at a homeless hostel last week- hundreds of homeless on streets, like a Dickensian hell hole.
No-one knows what percentage of these people are there because of cannabis induced psychosis.
They are not being given any medical treatment- we can only guess at how much that might cost, if we transplant this, unacceptable lack of societal help, to UK?
I see the homeless with empty  'medical marijuana' canisters in their trolleys.
I have also seen homeless people dealing to groups of teens in alleys behind Melrose Ave- which has 3 dispensaries within walking distance of my house.
My tutors in acting school complain that young people show up to class stoned everyday and the building, and the whole of LA, smells of weed.
We have to stop this happening in UK

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