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Medical cannabis is a scam and a non-starter – You cannot vote for a medicine

by CanSS, posted 07 10 2016

Keith Stroup, an American pot-using lawyer and founder of NORML (National Organisation for Reform of Marijuana Laws) in 1979 said to his Emory University audience, “We will use the medical marijuana argument as a red herring on the road...

Reminder - Down-classification of Cannabis – The Results.        20/01/07

by CanSS, posted 07 07 2015

In 2007 I was asked to write a summary of the figures of cannabis use as a results of de-classification.  Please find below. Down-classification of Cannabis – The Results.           20/01/07

Prevention:  Look after the next generation

by CanSS, posted 29 06 2015

The greatest concern about cannabis is perhaps that its dangers are too-often down played.  Research findings ar ignored, misinterpreted and denied.  Mary Brett lists the facts

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