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Letters to The times Response Clare Foges

by The Times Letters, posted 27 11 2019

Letters to The times 26th November 2019-11-26 CANNABIS AND PSYCHOSIS Sir, Further to the comment article “Legalisation of cannabis is a fool’s crusade” (Nov 25), Clare Foges is right that the highest incidence of people presenting with their...

SAM Applauds HHS for Blocking Opioid Grant Funds from Medical Marijuana Programs

by Colton Grace SAM, posted 25 11 2019

(Alexandria, VA) - The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) announced on Friday that federal monies doled out by the health agency would no longer flow to individuals or organizations that use, prescribe, or provide marijuana...

Legalisation of cannabis is a fool’s crusade

by Clare Foges The Times, posted 25 11 2019

Calls to make dope as freely available as cigarettes or alcohol are gathering support but ignore the real harm it does A quarter of a century on from Bill Clinton’s declaration that he “didn’t inhale” in college we...

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