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‘No evidence’ cannabis can relieve mental disorders

by Kaya Burgess The Times, posted 29 10 2019

Using medicinal cannabis to relieve the symptoms of mental health problems including depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder cannot be justified by evidence, scientists say. Researchers looked at the results of 83 studies, which examined 3,000 people, to...

Risks of cannabis use for mental health treatment outweigh benefits

by Sarah Boseley Health editor The Guardian, posted 28 10 2019

New study shows evidence of positive outcomes is scarce while symptoms can be exacerbated The use of cannabis medicines to treat people with depression, anxiety, psychosis or other mental health issues cannot be justified because there is little...

California’s legal weed profits going up in smoke

by CBS News, posted 24 10 2019

Legal marijuana in California as a business was supposed to be a no-brainer. How could it not be profitable in a liberal state pushing 40 million residents where some of the best weed in the world has been...

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