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Law enforcement seizures of methamphetamine, marijuana rose during pandemic

by NIDA, posted 02 03 2021

An analysis of law enforcement seizures of illegal drugs in five key regions of the United States revealed a rise in methamphetamine and marijuana (cannabis) confiscations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Seizures of the two drugs were higher at...


by Parents Opposed to Pot, posted 01 03 2021

Published in the Colorado Springs Gazette, February 28, 2021. By Libby Stuyt, MD, a Professional Advisor to Parents Opposed to Pot When Coloradans in 2000 voted to legalize marijuana for medical use, the highest concentration of THC, marijuana’s high-inducing chemical, was...

Big Pot Tries to Stop Patrick Kennedy From Becoming Drug Czar

by Tiffany Kary Bloomberg, posted 01 03 2021

The marijuana lobby has a new foe, and this time it’s not a Republican but a Kennedy. Patrick J. Kennedy, the former eight-term congressman and son of the late Senator Ted Kennedy, wants to be the next White...

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