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Genetic Signature for Drug Addiction Revealed in New Analysis of More Than A Million Genomes

by Ricki Lewis, PhD PLOS BLOGS DNA Science, posted 13 04 2023

Drug addiction is prevalent and deadly. In the US in 2021, more than 46 million people aged 12 or older had addiction to at least one substance, yet only 6.3% received treatment, according to the National Institute on...

What Will Vaping Lead To? Emerging Research Shows Damage, and Addiction

by Lara Salahi Medscape, posted 13 04 2023

This article is part of series  from Medscape on vaping. Jake Warn calls vaping "a toxic artificial love." Jake, of Winslow, Maine, was 16 years old when he began vaping. Unlike cigarettes, vaping can be odorless, and its smoke...

Oregon botches the decriminalisation of drugs

by The Economist, posted 13 04 2023

It failed to prepare the ground America’s war on drugs has been a disaster. More than a million Americans have died of overdoses since the government started counting in 1999. No wonder a growing number of states are interested in trying...

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