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It takes more than ideas to make an extremist

by Melanie Phillips The Times, posted 23 06 2020

Mental health, drug use and radicalisation can all play a part but often we don’t connect the dots Here we go again. As if we didn’t have enough to contend with at the moment, terrorism has resurfaced to...

Recreational pot laws may boost traffic deaths, studies say

by Lindsey Tanner MedicalXPress, posted 22 06 2020

Laws legalizing recreational marijuana may lead to more traffic deaths, two new studies suggest, although questions remain about how they might influence driving habits Previous research has had mixed results and the new studies, published Monday in JAMA Internal...

How gangs adapted to coronavirus – and why we may see a surge in violence as lockdown lifts

by The Conversation, posted 22 06 2020

As lockdown loomed, most people rushed to buy toilet paper and paracetamol, openly voicing fears of falling ill. But “ill” for addicted drug users has a different meaning. It means to suffer withdrawal symptoms due to missing a...

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