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The dangers of taking MDMA when you’re on antidepressants

by Jessica Lindsay The Metro, posted 21 02 2019

Taking MDMA isn’t recommended regardless of your mental health status, but when you’re taking antidepressants it can cause a number of extra problems. Normally, when taking MDMA, you’ll experience a high that makes you feel happy and with...

Adairsville woman arrested for murder in alleged case of child neglect

by STAFF REPORT Daily, posted 19 02 2019

The Adairsville Police Department (APD) arrested a 22-year-old woman Saturday and charged her with the second degree murder of her infant son, who died in Sept. 2018, in what police now believe was a case of criminal neglect....

HARIBLOW Cops find ‘cannabis-laced sweets’ aimed at getting kids hooked on drugs

by Brittany Vonow The Sun, posted 13 02 2019

Police stopped a suspicious car in Kent overnight, finding the 'distinctively packaged' sweets COPS found sweets laced with a drug believed to be cannabis that were "aimed at selling to children" in a car they pulled over last...

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