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Prisoners drinking own alcohol and taking drugs will DODGE punishment in new guidelines

by Jon Coates Express, posted 06 01 2019

PRISONERS can get away with brewing their own booze, having sex with cell mates and taking drugs under new guidelines issued to jails across Britain They can even escape punishment for absconding - if they are back under...

What Advocates of Legalizing Pot Don’t Want You to Know

by Alex Berenson, a former New York Times reporter, is the author of the forthcoming “Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, posted 04 01 2019

The wave toward legalization ignores the serious health risks of marijuana. Marijuana seems to be on an unstoppable march to legalization in the United States. New York and New Jersey are racing to join the 10 states that...

Testing drugs for safety can send the wrong message - New Zealand Herald

by John Roughan Editorial writer and columnist, NZ Herald, posted 04 01 2019

Police Minister Stuart Nash wants to set up drug-testing services at music festivals for young people next summer. This is not the drug testing of people as recently proposed for road safety, this is the testing of drugs...

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