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Marijuana may boost risky effects of drinking alcohol

by AAAS and EurekAlert!, posted 13 08 2019

About 70 percent of those who engage in simultaneous alcohol and marijuana use reported simultaneous use at least weekly As the legalization of medical marijuana and marijuana use are both on the rise in the United States, people...

State’s highest court rules that marijuana odor can be part of evidence for a search warrant

by Jessica Bartlett – Reporter, Boston Business Journal , posted 12 08 2019

A new Supreme Judicial Court ruling could put increased pressure on illegal marijuana sales in the state, as regulators work to grow the legal market for the drug. On Monday, the state’s highest court said that the odor...

Lawrie McFarlane: Legalizing pot is proving to be a public-health disaster

by Lawrie McFarlane / Times Colonist, posted 11 08 2019

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that legalizing marijuana consumption was a colossal public-health blunder. A good part of the evidence comes from south of the border, where several states legalized pot much earlier than Canada. This has allowed time...

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