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Marijuana: The Science and the Experiment - Dr. Miller discusses marijuana and psychosis link    23 02, 2016

A graduate from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Dr. Miller earned her Ph. D. in Pharmacology through the Neuroscience Training Program. Her professional history includes both instructor and research associate at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, postdoctoral fellow at Mental Health Research Institute and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and research microbiologist at US Geological Survey. Dr. Miller has been published in peer-reviewed journals over 30 times in her 30-year career. Currently, Dr. Miller is the president and founder of MillerBio, a firm dedicated to behavioral pharmacology research and consulting. Her areas of research include genetic loci associated with risk for psychosis, the biochemical basis for major mental disorder, biomarkers of psychiatric state and suicidality, and animal models of pharmacotherapy.

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