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Police target drink and drug driving near schools    18 02, 2016

Superintendent Anthony Fioravanti, Officer in Charge, Traffic Support Branch spoke about a police operation targeting drink and drug drivers near the State's schools. SA Police, who this morning conducted a traffic operation focused on detecting drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs, are very disappointed with the results and warning they will be out at school pick-up time today. Early results from Operation Stop Drink-Drug Drive show that from 165 drug screening tests, nine were positive – seven for methylamphetamine, one for cannabis and one for both. Preliminary data from this morning also shows that two motorists from 369 tested gave positive readings for alcohol (0.055 and 0.076). In addition police issued 25 expiation notices for a variety of offences, reported two drivers (one for driving with a suspended licence and one for driving unlicensed), and defected 14 vehicles. “I am very disappointed at these results,” said Superintendent Anthony Fioravanti, the officer in charge of the Traffic Support Branch. “These tests were conducted in the streets surrounding schools across our state today as children were dropped off. “I am shocked that so many parents would put both their children and other people in danger while driving under the influence. “There is no excuse for this and the law could not be any clearer – under the Road Traffic Act 1961, it is an offence to drive or attempt to drive a motor vehicle with THC (Cannabis), Methylamphetamine (Speed, Ice or Crystal Meth) or MDMA (Ecstasy) present in your oral fluid or blood. “I am warning the community – police will be out testing again this afternoon, so don’t get in your car if you have been drinking or taking illicit drugs.”

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