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Marijuana: The Science and the Experiment - Lori Robinson shares her son’s story    23 02, 2016

Lori is a proud native of Southern California. She has a Master’s of Science degree in Nutritional Science. Lori has worked in the medical field as a Registered Dietitian for over 30 years. The last 7 years she has worked exclusively as a Nephrology Dietitian earning a Board Certification in this specialty branch of health care. She and her husband, Greg, were richly graced with two healthy sons born in 1986 and 1991. It remains inconceivable that they lost their oldest son, Shane, January 13, 2012, from his decision to use marijuana. This resulted in two episodes of psychosis, 18 months apart, before he tragically took his precious, young life at the age of 25. Lori feels that if this could happen to her family than this can happen to any family.

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