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Biden says he won’t legalize marijuana because it may be a ‘gateway drug’

by OWEN DAUGHERTY The Hill, posted 17 11 2019

Former Vice President Joe Biden defended his reasoning to not legalize marijuana on a federal level if elected president, saying there is not “enough evidence” as to “whether or not it is a gateway drug.” Speaking at a town hall...

I have seen the damage cannabis does

by PETER HURST UnHerd, posted 15 11 2019

The idea that the drug is a benign, relaxing intoxicant is dangerously out-of-date Eddie used to be an IT professional living a comfortable middle-class life, before he was admitted to our ward — initially under Section 2 of...

Britons who legally smoke cannabis in the US ‘risk being deported’

by Henry McDonald The Guardian, posted 15 11 2019

Warning comes amid rise in expulsions under federal law – even in states where drug is legal A legal expert at an international immigration firm has warned British tourists and employees that if they smoke marijuana in the...

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