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by Parents Opposed to Pot, posted 10 08 2020

Young Brains & Marijuana Originally written for Mindy Greiling’s blog, November 30, 2019 A Letter to my fifteen-year-old granddaughter Dear Taylor, I learned a lot about marijuana and mental illness at a recent National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)...

Experts Warn About Marijuana’s Effect on the Heart

by Get Smart About Drugs, posted 10 08 2020

You’ve probably heard a lot about how dangerous marijuana use can be for the teenage brain. But a recent statement from the American Heart Association is ringing the alarm about the drug’s effect on the heart. Read more. 

BREAKING: Marijuana Use During Pregnancy Potentially Linked to Higher Risk of Autism

by SAM, posted 10 08 2020

(Alexandria, Va) - According to a new Canadian study published in Nature Medicine, women who use marijuana during pregnancy have a more than 50 percent greater chance to give birth to a child with autism versus non-users. The study...

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